Atlanta Trip: Day 1 – GA Aquarium

A week or so ago, I went on a family vacation. Like most family vacations I anticipated the worse, especially when an eight to nine hour car ride was involved. Suprisingly, it turned out to be one of the best family vacations I have ever been on and seeing as how I have been on about 17 family vacations with my crazy Puerto Rican family, where the volume is loud and louder, so I was bracing myself for Armageddon with our close courters. Aside from my easy embarrassment switch and the few arguments on what GPS to follow, we arrived at Atlanta with enough time to go check out the Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke.

This being my fashion blog, I wanted to not only wanted to post outfits, but I wanted to include stories about my inspiration. So, let’s start with the GA Aquarium:

  • The giant aquarium was divided into different sections corresponding with different habitats. Cold Water Quest, Tropical Diver,Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Georgia Explorer and of course, Dolphin Tale, the dolphin show.
  • I’ll post some outfits and explain my color choices.
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